Tech Tuesday

Using Padlet for student response in the classroom

What is Padlet?

Basically, Padlet is an online bulletin board. A place where students can share thoughts about anything using virtual post-it notes. It works like an online sheet of paper or cork board. The instructor creates the board and sends the link. Students can then join the board and post to it so everyone can see the response.

What can you use it for in your classroom? Try these:

  1. Guided active engagement for practicing reading strategies (Love this!)
  2. Book reviews
  3. Question board for any subject area
  4. Post a topic and share opinions
  5. Responsive classroom activities
  6. Morning work
  7. Fact board or collaborative notetaking
  8. Post theories for class literary essays
  9. Brainstorming ideas as a class
  10. Sub Plans! Create a mini-video of you or a post-it with directions for each subject area
  11. Survey other classes. Send them the link and watch the responses roll in
Padlet's Many Uses for the Classroom