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Congratulations on a fabulous start to Spring!

Summer 2013 Collection | Stella & Dot

Summer Sample Period!

Senior Stylists and above! It is now time to order our Summer 2013 Samples!! The new TOTES are incredibly stylish and versatile. I love the fresh prints of the scarves too. And of course new Jewels! All stylists can sample this Friday. You can refresh or sample any piece you want for 50% off! Happy Shopping!


Check out these stylists Qualified for March and then some!

  • Aly Schroeder $680
  • Andrea Strle $3,051
  • Cara Cloyd $3,296 **Sponsored 3 new stylists!
  • Katie Stupansky $1,392 **Sponsored 1 new stylist!
  • Julia Lambert $1,461
  • Nicole Spuzzillo $1,284
  • Rachel Dupuy $1,367
  • Renschke Christians $3,170 **Sponsored 1 new stylist
  • Sarah Peters $1,609
  • Shannon Hoffman $1,000

Sponsoring Special! No Better Time to Bring on a NEW Stylist to Your Team!

New? Grab a friend and start this fun new adventure together!
Never sponsored before? Call me! Let's chat about Sponsoring words to say or listen to Danielle's call on Sponsoring! http://com.stelladot.stylists.s3.amazonaws.com/audio/trainingcalls/February_Calls/0227_Danielle.mp3
Seasoned Sponsorer? Treat sponsoring with the same necessity and energy as you do booking and watch those stylist #'s soar!