team sanford

may 29

SOL Retakes

Students will be doing their retakes the week of June 1. Please help them by providing a quiet testing environment throughout the building. They have worked hard and want to be successful.

UPcominG evenTs

May 29 Posting period for Report Cards opens in Synergy

June 1-6 SOL Retakes (see below for overview of Re-take schedules)

June 8 K-5 Field day (note the new date, Monday June 8, now K-5)

June 8 Report Cards due for review

June 9 3RD Grade Honor Roll Assembly 10am

June 9 SOL Dance (12:30-2:30 in the Gym)

June 10 5th Grade Graduation 9am

June 12 K Promotion Ceremony

June 15 Student Last Day/Report Cards go home

June 16 Teacher Final Work Day


June 1-2 Math 3

June 2 Virginia Studies and Science 5

June 3-4 Reading 3

June 3 Reading 4, Reading 5

June 4 Math 4 and Math 5

June 5 Make Up Retakes

Action Items

  • Complete all remaining Talent Ed requirements including Goal Setting for Student Progress Form
  • Review End of Year Packet

A Focus on Instruction as Elizabeth Hickman is doing during her normal second grade reading block: Keep the focus on instruction in the final days. Maintaining routines and the schedule for our students is important at this time of year. You also want to send the students as prepared as possible for their next grade level and their next teacher.

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