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PLE Weekly Staff Newsletter - Susan F. Sasse, Principal

Care to Be The BEST visit - Wednesday

Our coaches and support staff will be sharing our school's efforts at improving student achievement during an instructional visit from Ms. Hanna on Wednesday morning. We also anticipate visiting as many classrooms as possible. We look forward to sharing all the STEM-azing teaching and learning taking place at PLE!

Woody Projects

Our beginning of school engineering projects showed how ready our Panthers are to design, research and create solutions to problems in our world! Thank you to our teachers for their work in implementing this. I hope your students are enjoying having "Woody" in their classrooms. We look forward to our next design challenge!!

Learning Goals and Performance Scales PLC

Our first PLC of LG & PS was a success last week! Thank you to our Leadership Team, and especially Mrs. Alveranga, for their direction and support with this professional learning. We anticipate seeing great teacher growth and positive student results after implementing this Marzano strategy. This is in direct alignment with our School Improvement Plan (SIP). The leadership team has scheduled the remaining modules between now and December on CAB calendar. Be sure to read the article provided in the training before our next PLC on October 8th.