final project

2 advantages of sharing online is you can have saved pictures on there that could of deleted off your phone and another is you can send stuff on line quicker like a project.

2 disadvantages is people can take your pictures and use them for something else. People can find out information about you, like where you live.

3 pieces of personal information that shouldnt be shared is location,age, address

a negative online post can make your reputation look bad people might view of you differently.

cyberbullying is bullying online. cyberbullying escalates when people are fighting over the internet and more and more people add into it.

you can ignore the problem or block the person to stop it from escalating.

similarities - theyre both pop and theyre both in aluminum cans

the advertiser is trying to get you to buy pepsi

the advertiser is telling you pepsi is better than coke.

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secrets to staying slim after having a baby

i think its inappropriate to manipulate or photo shop photos because its giving the wrong information and impression .

The effects that media has on gender stereotypes is that its making people feel bad about their selves, that their not good enough.

violence in the media

when a violent event occurs then the person recovers very quickly and lives "happily ever after" that puts a bad effect on children. it makes children think they can do violent things and it will end up perfectly fine.

I agree that violent games and movies teach kids to kill because there is killing in games and the kids do it in the games which shows them how to kill. In violent movies it shows kids what to do to kill someone.

media usage

it would be hard for me to give up my phone and social media because its entertaining and i like to see whats going on. technology makes people feel like they have to have it.

i feel teens have pressure to look good online and present them selves as "cool" i think boys and girls both do it but there is mostly online drama with girls

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