Digital Citizenship

By: Zoriah Mayberry 10th hr

Choosing a computer

When you are going to buy a computer know what you want so you can narrow down your options. The type of software you need is open source. During Cloud computing the information is not save on your computers, its saved in the cloud.

Wireless Communication

Don't send inappropriate pictures, because when you do the person you sent it to can send it to anybody and they can send it to anybody. Depending on your network and coverage your phone wont always work everywhere all the time. you should turn your phone off while driving so you and the people around you stay safe. Don't text and drive.

The Viral World

Never over share or put out to much information on the internet, because when you do people can easily hack you online profiles and pretend to be you. Don't install plugins or download files because they can contain viruses which can wipe out you entire hard drive. To keep your information safe use websites that include a https, and a locked padlock in the url.

Internet Resources and Credibility

Plagiarism is not ok and can lead to expulsion in schools and have extreme consequences in adult hood. Plagiarism can change your life not for better but for worst.In conclusion always cite your sources and give credit to the website you got your information from.

Creating Multimedia Projects

People have the right to their songs immediately but can still gain more rights. Almost everything can be copyrighted. You need permission to use stuff that has a copyright claim. Ideas don't, they can't be copyrighted. Don't download things and then post it for others to download, it's called piracy.

Digital Relationships and Respect

People can trace bullies over the internet. Friends as well as enemies can bully you. You can get caught cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is wrong and can get you into a lot of trouble. Before you try to cyber bully someone put yourself in their shoes. By standing is just as bad as being the bully, if you see someone being cyber bullied don't just watch STEP UP!