Welcome to Panama

By: Dan Marino

Welcome to the one and only Panama

Panama is an interesting and amazing place. There is a lot to tell you guys about Panama. Like what crops they grow, how Panama's being run, what do people usually do, etc.

Where Panama is located

Panama is located in Central America. Central America is the place where it connects North America and South America. Central America is a hot and humid place.

3 of Panamas most famous crops they grow

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85 percent of Panama is Roman Catholic. Roman Catholic is so popular in Panama that it's recognized by the government. Roman Catholic is not a very strict religion

The Panama Canal

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The Panama Canal is Panamas greatest achievements and one of the greatest achievements in transportation History! The Panama Canal is a strip of water that sends ships from Panama and other places to transport goods to other countries to trade and receive goods

Panamas government

Panama has a republican government. Also when a president is selected they are president of Panama for 5 years. Panama's current president is Juan Carlos Varela.

Panamas Money

Panama is not a rich country or poor country. Its about in between. Panama never needs help from other countries. Panama has a similar money system with the U.S. One balboa is a balboa in Panama. They named it after the traveler Nunez de Balboa.

Panama's Holidays

Panama celebrates a lot of holidays that we don't celebrate in the U.S. Some of those holidays are Leisure time, Carnival Day, Mourning Day, and Colon's day. Those 4 holidays are Panama's most famous and important holidays that they celebrate. This leads up to a lot of celebrations and festivals.
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