Helpful information for families and students

Design and Purpose

This page is designed and intended to be a living document where helpful information can be found and easily accessed throughout the year. Some information will be in document format while other information may include links to district documents or other information for ease of access for our REALM families. Please let us know if there is information that is not included here that believe could be helpful for our families. We appreciate your continued support as we continue to level up throughout the year!

Daily Schedule

7:45 - Doors open with staff on duty for supervising students

8:20-9:05 - First Period

9:05-9:58 - Second Period

10:00-10:48 - Third Period

10:50-11:38 - Fourth Period

6th grade = A Lunch from 11:38-12:08 and 5th period from 12:08-1:08

7th grade = 5th period from 11:38-12:08 then B Lunch from 12:10-12:40 then the remainder of 5th period from 12:40-1:08

8th grade = 5th period from 11:38-12:38 and C Lunch from 12:40-1:10

1:10-1:58 - Sixth Period

2:00-2:48 - Seventh Period

2:50-3:40 - Eighth Period

Shuttle Information

Any REALM student may be dropped off and picked up at our campus by their family using our REALM traffic pattern. However, we want everyone to know that REALM students have the opportunity to catch a shuttle at their home attendance zone middle school campus. This can be accomplished by riding their regular school bus to the campus (if they would normally ride a bus) OR by being dropped off by their family in time to catch the shuttle. The shuttle will bring students to REALM in time to begin their day when classes begin at 8:20. Shuttles will also return these students to their home campus in the afternoon in time to catch their ride OR board the appropriate bus at their home attendance zone middle school that will carry them to the appropriate bus stop near their home.

Please check with Goldstar Transportation for specific questions regarding locations of bus stops and approximate times for drop-off/pick-up.

Traffic Pattern for Arrival and Dismissal

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Visiting Campus

Visitors, families, and other guests are welcome! We ask that everyone please check in at the front office to receive a visitor badge. This process helps us to ensure the safety of everyone that is on our campus (students, staff, and guests).

We do ask that lunch visitors wait until after Labor Day before joining their student for lunch. This will give us a couple of weeks to establish routines and make any adjustments needed.

Please be aware that there will be a few weeks during the year in which we will have a closed campus due to statewide testing taking place on those days. Even if your child may not have a test on that day, other grade levels may be testing. Therefore, we will not have any lunch guests or other visitors on these days. More specific information will be communicated to families as these get closer.

Lunch on Campus

It is our pleasure to welcome family members that come to have lunch with our students. Students enjoy the special menu items that you bring to share with your student. At this time, we are discouraging the use of such services as UberEats, GrubHub, Doordash, etc. to deliver meals directly to the school. We understand and will continue to support those times when a family needs to drop off a lunch for a student. We emphasize to students the importance of eating only the food they bring or purchase and not sharing food due to potential allergic reactions. If meals are not being delivered directly by a family member (and especially services that are delivering meals to many locations), it becomes more possible that something could be delivered incorrectly.

REALM Cafeteria

We have an amazing cafeteria staff led by our manager, Kayla Ruffin. If you have any questions or concerns about the REALM Cafeteria, you can reach her at

Thank you for your support!

Morning Supervision

We wanted to remind everyone as the weather is beginning to change that the doors open at 7:45. This is when we have staff on campus in assigned locations to supervise and when the cafeteria begins serving breakfast to those students choosing to eat on campus. We encourage everyone not to drop students off before they can enter the building. This will ensure they are inside and supervised. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Learning at REALM

We want to continue sharing information about REALM's unique approach to learning so that everyone has a solid understanding as we all work together to see our students and our school level up throughout the year! (Although our use of NEO and the approach we take to incorporate aspects of gamified learning at REALM, we do follow the BISD Pacing Guide, Scope and Sequence, and utilize the Handbook of Standards so that our programs aligns with others throughout BISD.)

Workshop - Teacher driven and directed to ensure that all students understand the new concept/objective being introduced. (Used in small bursts, but not the daily approach to learning in REALM classrooms).

Episodes - Tasks, lessons, activities that are "pushed out" to students through NEO to complete individually or in pairs/groups as directed.

Leveling up - Once students have demonstrated mastery on the tasks assigned, they are ready to move to the next level. This takes place when the teacher opens the gateway to the next level of tasks, lessons, activities that follow within the BISD scope and sequence of what students are to learn in that content area at that grade level.

How can families follow progress? Families may choose to follow their student's progress, completion, and mastery by logging in to NEO using the student login OR by using the student login on the NEO App on the parent's phone or other mobile device. In order to see what your student has done, you would navigate to the Assignment tab for each of their classes. A red flag associated with any assignment mens that it was late. What I have learned from those that have been a part of REALM from the beginning is the simplest way to follow what/how your student is doing in NEO, is to ask them to show you their assignments page in each class; This is where you will be able to see how your students are doing, PLUS it is a great opportunity to promote discussion about course content. REALM students can stay on pace with the teacher or move ahead through pathways. If they are lagging behind the pace, this is the reason that you may see a red flag in NEO. Students receive Email alerts if they are missing assignments; parents have shared that it has helped them to check this with their student.

Extracurricular Opportunities

REALM Middle School

  • Coding - every student at REALM takes coding/video game design as one of their electives each year.
  • PE (required for all 6th grade students, 7th grade students not in athletics, 8th grade students selecting it as one of their electives).
  • Athletics - participation in athletics is available on their home attendance zone campus with a shuttle provided to get them to/from athletics and REALM.
  • Art - Three levels of Art are available for students to choose as middle school electives. Students will learn and apply a variety of aspects of visual arts (many of these skills could grow to be applied to their work in video games in a digital format.)
  • Band - Beginning Band sectionals (periods assigned to similar instruments) offered on our REALM campus to 6th grade students choosing this as an elective; Honors and Symphonic combined band with STEAM MS will be offered to 7th & 8th grade students choosing band as one of their electives and will take place on our REALM campus.
  • Choir - will be offered half-day on our campus and half day at STEAM MS to those students choosing this as one of their electives. Presently the plans are for their to be a combined choir with 6th grade boys and girls, one class for 7th-8th grade boys choir and one class for 7th-8th grade girls choir.
  • Theatre - Similarly to Choir, we will offer one class for beginning Theatre, one class for intermediate, and one class for Drama Select on our campus half of the day with the teacher serving STEAM MS students for these same three classes the other half of the day.
  • Media Publications - This elective primarily available to 8th grade students will focus on principles of digital photography, photo editing, design, graphic art, page layout, and template development. They will apply these principles as they produce our campus yearbook as well as other projects throughout the year.
  • In summary - - the only classes REALM students will shuttle to/from during the school day will be athletics at their home middle school campus (either 1st or 8th period depending upon if they are in 7th or 8th grade.)

REALM High School

Elective offerings are as follows (and no shuttles will be involved):

  • Computer Programming (C++ Coding) OR Video Game Design (Graphic Design in Adobe Suite) - - All 9th grade students must select one of these courses as their primary elective pathway for REALM (leading to the ability to earn a trade certificate in one of these two areas after completing two years of study). A few of our students that have already completed Spanish 1 will be able to take both courses as freshmen. The few students that also completed Spanish 2 will not have to make a choice between these two pathways at all.
  • PE - All 9th grade students participate in PE to complete the required elective.
  • Spanish 1 - In order to complete the required foreign language elective credit, all freshmen (that have not already completed this course will take it during their 9th grade year). Those freshmen that have already completed Spanish 1 will take both Computer Programming AND Video Game Design.
  • Visual Art - In order to complete this required elective credit, all REALM Secondary School students will take this course during their 10th grade year.
  • Spanish 2 - In order to fulfill the two-years of foreign language requirement for graduation, all REALM Secondary School students will take this course during their 10th grade year. Those students that have already completed this course will take both Computer Programming AND Video Game Design.

Please note that athletics, band, and other UIL participation elective offerings are not offered to students choosing to attend REALM Secondary School grades 9 and 10 due to our specialized focus upon computer coding, video game development, and graphic design.

Dress Code (and differences between Middle School and High School)

In brief, middle school students must be in standardized dress which includes the requirements at BISD elementary campuses (of standardized solid color polos with standard bottoms - either shorts or slacks that are not cargo style - in khaki, black, or navy). However, middle school students may also choose to wear campus spirits shirts instead of polo-style shirts if they prefer with standard bottoms. High school students, on the other hand, have free choice for what they wear each day as long as they follow the BISD High School Dress guidelines.

Please use the following links for more specific information!

Middle School Dress Guidelines

High School Dress Guidelines

Weekly Special Dress Opportunities

We also offer regular/weekly opportunities based upon some of the items that students have expressed a desire to wear. Every Thursday will be University Day (so students may wear standard bottoms with school appropriate tops supporting their favorite college/university if they would like). Every Friday will be High School Spirit (as much as we would love for all REALM Middle School students to remain at REALM High School, we know that some will pursue opportunities at other high school campuses so Friday is a chance to support those schools by wearing school appropriate tops with standard bottoms.) These and any other special dress days are simply an opportunity for our students. Choosing to follow the BISD Dress Guidelines for their level of campus would be appropriate any day!

Cell Phones and Carrying Laptops

We want to be sure that students remember that phones are to be off and in backpacks (not in pockets) throughout the school day. High school students are permitted to have their phones with them and may have them out during the lunch period as is the practice at the other high school campuses in BISD. Another technology reminder is that laptops should always be closed when being carried. The campus has encountered the need for a few repairs recently from laptops being carried with the screen open.

After School Clubs

eSports - Any student is welcome to attend on Tuesday & Thursday from 3:45-5:00 (students may participate on either day or both if they choose). Students will practice Super Smash Bros, Fortnight, Minecraft, and Rocket League.

First LEGO League (FLL) - Teams are formed and meet on Monday & Wednesday from 3:45-5:30.

Chess, Screen-printing, Magic the Gathering - meet only on Monday from 3:45-5:00 (Magic the Gathering may extend to 5:15 due to the length of some of their matches.)

D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) - meet only on Wednesday from 3:45-5:15.

Yo-yo - meet only on Wednesday from 3:45-5:00.

Technology Student Association - More information to come; please check out the flyer below!

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Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessment

BISD is beginning its third year using the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment. MAP is an adaptive assessment that "has no ceiling" and adjusts the difficulty of the questions based upon whether the student is answering correctly or not. The difficulty increases with correct responses and either levels or could step back following a series of incorrect responses.

Every student earns a Rausch Unit (RIT) score for each of the MAP assessments taken (reading, math, and even science at designated grade levels.) The RIT score helps to place students on an individualized Learning Continuum that includes information about which concepts/skills the student is ready to learn with recommendations about which could be high leverage skills to help them demonstrate desired growth on the next assessment.

The window for the Beginning of Year assessment is September 16-27. On Tuesday, September 17, our students will take the Math MAP assessment during 3rd period. On Wednesday, September 18, students will take the Reading MAP assessment during 6th period (but we will be flipping 3rd & 6th period so they will still begin the assessment in the 10:00 hour just as they did the day before.) On Thursday, September 19, students taking 8th grade science will take the Science MAP while our 7th & 9th students will take the writing MAP assessment. These tests will be taken during their science and English classes respectively. Make-up assessments will be administered to students that missed a test or needs to -retest during the remainder of the testing window.

Please see the link below for a Sample Copy of the Family Report that each of you should receive following completion of this first wave of assessments. You will receive similar reports at mid-year and end of year so that you can follow your students growth from beginning to end of year. This will be a comparison to students across the country that begin at a similar performance level to your child.

Helpful Links

PE Uniforms through our on-line store

REALM On-line Spirit Store

REALM School Supply Lists

On-line Student Registration - this link may be used to register all students in a family attending any BISD campuses not just those attending REALM.


More information to come!!! (Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of helping us establish our REALM PTO!)

Helpful Back-to-School Information

Many of you have found and begun to utilize the links to our on-line store for your convenience in ordering PE uniforms as well campus spirit wear. We’ve received a few questions regarding our colors and mascots, so I wanted to clarify the colors were selected by our students. As we discussed the potential mascots for the campus, students determined that maintaining two (one official and one unofficial much as had been the case while REALM was a part of Kerr) was an important way to reflect our uniqueness as the only 6th-12th grade campus in the district. This approach is represented at some major universities such as Auburn (Tiger/War Eagle), Georgia Tech (Yellowjackets/Ramblin’ Wreck), and Virginia (Cavaliers/”Wahoos”); so we feel like we are in good company! Therefore, you will notice in our on-line spirit store items with our primary logo and official rocket mascot located in the A along with items with our unofficial mascot, the honey badger.

The BISD website has a wealth of helpful information for families located on their Back to School page. There is information regarding the differences between student dress code at the middle school and at the high school. (In a nutshell, middle school students have standard dress requirements that do include campus spirit shirts with standardized pants/shorts while the high school does not have those standard requirements but does have specific guidelines and expectations as students exercise a bit more freedom of choice.) We also wanted to make a link available to families to the school supplies for our campus. Although our pre-packaged supply order has already been placed, we know that many of you may have planned to purchase the supplies from stores locally.

Returning student registration for ALL students and proof of residency for incoming 6th and 9th grades began on-line on July 15th and MUST be completed in order for students to begin school and to receive their laptop. For those going into 6th or 9th grades and families that may have moved within BISD or are a family living with family, you must complete Proof of Residency in person on one of the following dates:

  • July 31 from 8:00-11:30 and 1:00-4:00 (on campus)

  • August 6 from 4:00-6:00 (at the BISD Administration Building)

  • August 9 from 8:00-11:30 and 1:00-4:00 (on campus)

Please Remember that you must complete Proof of Residency in order for your student to receive their schedule; you must complete on-line registration in order for your student to receive their laptop when issued on our campus.

We are SO excited about the upcoming school year! Please be looking for more information coming soon to highlight our REALM staff (that has grown quite a bit!) Thank you for your support as we all work together to continue leveling up!