ICT Bulletin

Monday 22nd April 2013

ICT in the Summer term

This half term I'll be working with Years 3 and 4 on their ICT units while the other classes work through the plans I've already provided. The iPads are available to book, as is the HUB. The iPad timetable, as well as my own timetable, are available to view on the PDrive. Years 1 and 5 are making great use of the iPads outside of their ICT time, I would encourage you to ask those teams what they're doing!

I will be working with the EAL and SEN teams to look at how we can embed ICT into support sessions. ICT is a particularly useful tool for differentiation and it will have a significant focus in my development plans for next year.

Technology in the news

There have been a couple of news articles published this week regarding children's use of technology and potential issues. Some points to consider. It is interesting, however, how they both acknowledge the role of the parent in monitoring their child's activity...

New Helpdesk launched!

The new and improved Helpdesk has launched today (Monday). Logging tasks should only take a minute and it's painless! Tasks should be logged before seeking helping from Patrick.

You can log tasks by email - helpdesk@britishschool.nl or via the 'I need to...' section on Gateway.

Geeky gadgets - The Good Night Lamp

This week's video showcases some really good use of technology and communication. Watch the video below for more.

The Good Night Lamp