Downhill Skiing

Mitchell Sappington 1st Period

About downhill Skiing

unlike bobsledding which is more focused on turns, downhill skiing is more focused on speed. The old world record was 98 miles per hour. It was passed a few years ago and is now 100 miles per hour.

Reason for this article

the reason for this article is to find when the men and women time will meet and when the women should surpass the men in this Olympic sport.

Goal of Study

I am trying to figure out when the men and women times will meet and what year they will have about the same time.

The Scatter Plot

The blue X's are men and the pink squares are women.
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Line of Best Fit

The blue Lin rid for the men and the red line is for the women. They are each the trend for the gold medalists.


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This means that in the year 2038 the women should surpass the men in downhill skiing. Their time should be around 122.58 seconds when they meet.

X Coordinate

the x coordinate means what year it will be whenever the women surpass the men. 2038 is the x value of when they will surpass.

Y Coordinate

The y coordinate represents the time it will take. In the year 2038, the x coordinate. It will take both men and women about 122.58 seconds which is the y coordinate.
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