salyut 1


about salyut

The salyut was the first space station of any kind .Was launched by the soviet union (Russia)on April 19,1971 and end on October 11,1971.Was built on basis of the military Almaz station with the mission of beating the american skylab in the space station race.



The port orbited the earth almost 3,000 times during 175 days before it was intentionally crashed into the pacific ocean.salyut 1 made in important process toward ,living and working in space pave the way for future space station.Salyut 1was the first DOS long duration orbital station.

Describing the salyut 1

The craft was describe as being 20 min length 4m in diameter and 99 cubic cm interior space.

salyut purpose

The purpose of salyut

The whole main purpose of salyut 1 was to study the effects of long duration in space flight on the human body and to take photos of the earth from space.

What happen to the crew

On june 29,the crew where transfer back to the salyut 11 and began to return to earth .A disaster struck when a ventilation valve was jolted open duration the re-entry, depressuring the interior of the ship.The cosmonauts at the time did not wear suits while in flight ,so all 3 were tragically killed .As a resulted ,served changes were made to soviet policy but they could not be implemented while salyut 1 was still orbiting .No further trips were made to the station.

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