By: Diane Thao

Well Known:

Pocahontas was well known for saving the English Colonist John Smith from her father's death sentence by placing her head upon his own moment of execution and to leave her home to cross the ocean to Britian.

3 Interesting Facts:

*She developed a complex friendship with the English Colonist, John Smith.

* She saved him from her father's death sentence.

* Pocahontas said to have intervention of saving the lives of individual colonists.

5 Interesting Facts:

* Her name Pocahontas, meant "frisky, playful or mischevous."

*Out of hundreds of other siblings she had, her father favored her the most.

*She was married at the age of 11 and she died at the age of 22.

*Pocahontas was not a princess in the context of Powhatan culture but she was to the English Public.

*She became the symbol of Indian religious conversion.

One Important Life Lesson:

Not everything is possible. We always take things for granted and we shouldn't always take the easiest and safest paths in life. "We are all connected. In a circle, a hoop that never ends." - Pocahontas

Pocahontas By Diane Thao