People Forward

FIS HR Leadership Team meet, February 19-20, Orlando

​Final note til we meet on Wednesday, is everyone ready?

​This note is just a short one (and I hope it finds its way to your inboxes) to share a January-February 2014 Harvard Business Review article, How Netflix Reinvented HR. []

​The slide show referenced (and that you can link through to) has been written and shared extensively amongst HR practitioners, and it is interesting that it is now being covered in the prestigious HBR - thank you to Diane Dowlin for sharing the link.

Sharing thoughts on what a great place to work looks and feels like

Check it out and come prepared to share your thoughts. Remember both this and the prior article we shared were just to provoke some debate, we understand if you don't have time to read through it all but please please please do come prepared to share your thoughts on the pre-work questions we sent... (no more reminders, we promise)

See you in three days!

That's it now from us, see you Wednesday!

Mike, Steve, Pete and Isabel