Toaster Deaths & Some Other Stuff

By Caitlin McLoud & Mackenna Ruffcorn

What are some deaths involved with electricity?

Cord deaths and appliance fixtures (Like toasters) are the leading causes

How many people die each year from being electrocuted of some kind?

In the U.S.A., 400 people die from electrocution and 4,400 are injured each year?

How many people are killed by putting metal in toasters?

It is estimated that 700 people worldwide are killed as a result of toaster fires and electrocution.

How dangerous were the first toasters?

The first electric toasters used electric wires as heating elements. They used iron wires which oxidized quickly and melted down, creating a fire hazard.

How many electricity accidents cause fires?

Electricity accidents cause 140,000 fires each year.
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Last words by people who died in an electric chair:

Well, gentlemen, you are about to see a baked Appel.

Executed in electric chair in New York.

~~ George Appel, d. 1928

You sons of bitches. Give my love to Mother.

Executed in electric chair.

~~ Francis "Two Gun" Crowley, d. 1931

How about this for a headline for tomorrow's paper? French fries.

Executed in electric chair in Oklahoma.

~~ James French, d. 1966