My Digital Dossier

By Adina


In my Digital Dossier there will be pictures of me since I was in my moms stomach till now and the pictures that my friends shared online on different accounts on social media. There will be comments I have made on other peoples photos that other people can see and how I respond is part of my identity.


There will be the websites I have visited since I was a kid till now and there will be so much that I can't even keep count of. There will be websites and social media accounts I have signed up for to do certain things including smore which I signed up for to create this poster.

Digital Footprint

As I start to comment on peoples photos and like them my identity is being made. It is important I don't leave a negative mark or else its going to be recorded and people will see it and it will affect my future. My digital footprint will leave marks which cam be positive or negative so I need to be more careful.

Being Careful

Things were shared about me before I was born like ultra sound pictures of me and things will be shared about me after my death. It is important to be careful of what you're doing online and how its affecting your Digital Dossier and the people around your. There's many more things that are put there online about you which you don't know about so we need to look out.