Mr. Boden's

6th Grade Class

My Goal this year!!!!

One of my goals this year is to instill in my students a Passion for Learning. I would like my student to be self motivated and driven by taking control and responsibility for their learning. In order to accomplish this I will be utilizing the Teaching and Learning Continuum framework to guide my students in developing autonomy.

Teaching and Learning Continuum "TLC"

TLC is a guiding Framework consisting of four levels that allows the teacher to gradually release the responsibility of teaching, learning and assessment from a teacher controlled environment to student autonomy as they progress through the framework. Initially the teacher is in complete control teaching the standards, objectives and modeling learning strategies. The 2nd level I will be acting more as a facilitator planning specific goals and tasks but less dominating in the learning process. The 3rd level I will be in a coaching capacity where I observe the students at work and provide feedback to enhance their performance and correct deficiencies. Finally the students determines goals and guide their own learning process while I will provide recommendations and advice

Thank you for your support!!!


Mr. Boden

Hidden Trails Elementary School