Indoor Air Pollution

Damani Walden

Indoor Air Pollution

This is toxic contaminants we encounter in our homes and other places. Indoor air pollutants can be anywhere from 25 to 62 percent greater than outdoor levels. Mostly found in newer homes because of the tight construction prevents particles from escaping.


This is the temperature, humidity, ventilation and chemical or biological contaminants of air inside a building. This can affect conditions of health, comfort, and performance. Has a good amount of carbon.


This is an condition affecting office workers in a poor working environment which makes them unhealthy and sick.

The standards of indoor air pollution are ventilation, location, materials and outdoor conditions. Indoor air quality is important because of the human comfort that depends on it and the temperature and humidity.

The causes of indoor air pollution come from particles and gases that contaminate the air, Like when you are preparing food indoors with wood or charcoal. This can lead up too respiratory diseases or cancer.

1. Install good ventilation

2. Test your air

3. Alter indoor chemical use

4. Install electronic air cleaner

5. Houseplants

Indoor Air Pollution
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