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Gearing up for Testing Season and Spring Break

We hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break! Get out and enjoy the weather and the down time. When we return, we will be gearing up for the season of testing between PARCC, DLM for some students, MAP, and NJ ASK Science. See the pictures below for some test taking tips for your students.

Preschool Fun

In March preschool has been discussing who Dr. Seuss is and have been working on rhyming words and opposites!They were reading a variety of stories written by Dr. Seuss and their projects were correlated to the stories. Guest Readers came into the classroom the whole month of March to kick off Read Across America and share the love for reading! Preschool also began discussing the changes in the season as Spring approached. They began discussing life cycles of animals, discussing how seeds grow, and are completing Spring projects (making flowers, adding leaves/flowers onto their spring season trees, and painting rainbows!)

Fourth Grade Happenings

Fourth graders have been BUSY! They are using Kahoot to practice many skills, including their vocabulary. They have been responding to in quotes using writing to express their ideas. They have typed African American history month essays. They have used fraction strips to continue to develop an understanding of fraction concepts, and they have also used the computers to type their explanations for Math word problems. One fourth grade student was even invited to the March Board of Education Meeting to share her persuasive letter on why the school district should have uniforms for students.

8th Grade Math

Eighth grade math student worked on projects that involved real life application of the Pythagorean Theorem. Students had to design two of their own problems from the following examples types:

A. Write a story problem that can be solved by finding the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Use something that you like or are interested in!

Example: A water slide at Magic Waters is 100 feet tall and the end of the slide is 200 feet from the base. How long is the slide?

B. Write a story problem that can be solved by finding the length of a leg of a right triangle. Use something that you like or are interested in!

Example: An escalator at the mall is 50 feet long and covers a horizontal distance of 40 feet. What is the height of the escalator?

Students created posters to display their problems and work with the Pythagorean Theorem.

8th Grade Language Arts--Sonnets

8th Graders have been working on a sonnet/poem unit. The students analyzed sonnets and reviewed all expectations for sonnet writing. They then had to write an original winter sonnet within the restrictions expected using either the Shakespearean/English or Petrarchan/Italian style. Take a look at the sonnets written by two of our eighth graders that gave us permission to share their work. Mateo and Ja'von.
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8th Grade Language Arts--The Outsiders

An eighth grade language arts class just finished up reading The Outsiders with a concentration on characterization. While reading the novel, they studied characters and then created paper dolls of each character that visually displayed personality traits, physical traits, and interests. See below for some examples of their work.