Russian News!

By: Madison Hopkins

Aral Sea

The Aral Sea is located in Kazakhstan and in Uzbekistan.Some parts in the Aral Sea were very arid.One reason everyone got sick is because the Aral Sea got pesticides.Water wasn’t flowing into the Aral Sea from the canals so it dried up.Some people helped build a dam in 2005 to help get water back into the sea.

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Trans-Siberian Railroad

Construction started in 1891.The terrain made it difficult to build.Many other people were enlisted to work on it.It has a length of 6,000 miles long.Made a trip to Moscow from Vladivostok.

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started having serfs in 1500.During this a lot of strikes happened.V.I. Lenin lead a political group to fight back.1917 everything got turned back around by that group.Russian workers were mostly serfs.

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