By Emily Hatcher


Swiss troops were granted privileges by German emperor Friedrich II. To show they had privileges, the troops wore a red banner with a white cross. The Swiss started to use the red flag with a white cross to represent themselves.


The land features in Switzerland are a few lakes, small rivers and mountains such as the Swiss Alps. and Lake Geneva.
Climate- Cold winters, warm sunny summers but colder temperature's up in the mountains.




St. Joseph's Day

Since in the Bible Joseph was not really talked. The western catholic church celebrates a five day Holiday for him. Since he was the humanly-Father of Jesus. The Holiday is during lent.It is a wide spread holiday in Switzerland.

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One of the oldest surviving republics.
Has been a independent country since 1499.
Old Swiss Confederacy was founded in August, 1291.

The Swiss Revolution ended the rule of having few cities with special treatment.

1815 ending the wars of Napoleon created Switzerland Neutrality.

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The leader of Switzerland is Johann Schneider-Ammann.
They have a Federal republic type of government.
They law making body is both National council and Concil of states.
Switzerland has a unlimited government.


They used Swiss franc for currency.

A one US dollar = 1.01 Swiss franc.

Exports = Gold, metal watches, cars, jewelry and Agricultural products.

Imports = Metals, Chemicals and jewelry.

It 's GDP per capita is $57k.

Compared to the US it is not wealthy.


Ethnic groups-

Germanic, French, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romansh.

Educational systems-

The Educational systems they use are called Compulsory education which is mostly for the age of four, Post Compulsory which is at least 17 year of age

Their literacy rate is 99%.