Berlin Metropolitan School News

Friday 11th December, 2015

Upcoming Events at BMS December/January

Tuesday 15th December- Grade 1 parents invited to the Primary Assembly at 08.35 to see the Grade 1 Robot Walk

Thursday, 17th December - BMS Winter Concert at Sophienkirche (details below)

Friday 18th December - Last day of School

Monday 4th January - School reopens

Thursday 7th January - Friends of BMS New Year´s Reception

Wednesday 20th January - Primary Parent Representative Meeting cafeteria 19.00.

Upcoming Field trips and workshops in the Primary School

Monday 14th December- Grade 5a trip to the Galli theater.
Tuesday 15th December - Grade 5a ice Skating at Erika Heß Eisstadion.

Wednesday 16th December - Visiting author Mr. Schau will read his book, "Das Geheimnis von Tylandor" to Grade 4.

Thursday 17th December - Grade 5d ice Skating at Erika Heß Eisstadion

BMS Winter Concert | Thursday 17th December

Please save the date for our Primary School Winter Concert celebrations!

Both concerts will be held at Sophienkirche on Thursday 17th December.

BMS Grade 1 & 2 + Primary choir 15.00 - 15.45

BMS Grade 3 & 4 + Primary choir 16.15 - 17.00

The FoBMS will also be supporting this event with refreshments outside the church. We look forward to welcoming all of our Primary School students and parents to this community celebration.

Please note that pick up selection can be made here:

Grade 1 & 2

Grade 3 & 4

Grade 5

Any students not collected will be taken back to school by CCEP for pick up by 18.00 as usual.

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Our BMS Wishing Tree - Thank You BMS School Community!

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Learning News from the Primary School!

BMS ART SHOW - Highlights!

Thanks to storyteller, Gemma Hannah, for sharing stories with Grade 1!

Grade 2 Trip to Märchenhütte