The Fifth Largest Religion in the World by Cameron Jones

What Makes People want to Follow this Religion

Guru nanak got gods ten messages and told everybody to follow the messages and they will and they will live a good life with god. if they followed gods way they would have good karma and have a good after life.

Most Important Belief

They believe that god made every one the same. They also want to build a close and loving relationship with god. they also believe that the better you are in life the more karma you have. That means you will have a better after life.

Art or Artifact that Represents the Religion

How do They Justify Actions Against NonBelievers

They don't take action against nonbelievers because they believe that everyone is equal.

A current Event

Two sikh groups where fighting with swords over who would talk first at a ceremony for god. This isn't good for their followers because they where fighting at a holy place. Some people didn't like that.

The Song of the Religion

Guru arjan dev ji proud on sikh

Sorat’h fifth mehal

the guru’s feet abide within my heart;god has blessed me with good fortune

the perfect transcendent lord became merciful to me and i found the treasure of naam within my mind.

my guru is my saving grace, my only best friend

over and over again, he blesses me with double even four fold greatness.

god saves all beings and creatures giving the blessed vision of his durshan.

wondrons is the glorious greatness of the guru; navak is forever.

the Song

The song stands for that they are friends with god and he helps them reach goals and challenges.

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