Incan Vacation

By: Professional Traveler Person (Elijah Branham R1)

Our Medical Advancements

Our Medical procedures are quite professional for people with our way of communication being us tying knots into string. We found out that if you trip and fall, your brain starts to swell, and the skull is not very suited for that, so if that happens stop by our medical centers and the procedure we will perform is, to possibly knock you unconscious or just leave you awake and cut a part of your skull out. This procedure is very advanced and allows the brain more room to swell and when it is done swelling, we are able to replace the part of the skull.
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Our Road System

We improved the roads left in our settlement by former settlers and improved them, we also developed new ones, stretching over 14,000 miles of our empire. The roads lead to just about anywhere in the Inca empire.
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Our Location

The Incas locations are,Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

Our Lovely Class Structure

Our Class structure consists of two groups, When you are selected into one of these groups, you for the most part, stay in that group for life. The Nobles, the first class, are able to join the army, and many other things the second class, Commoners, can not do.

Our Government System

The Government controls every aspect of every Incan life. They control who you marry, what job you will have. The Government controls mostly everything, leaving the Inca Empire a healthy and safe place.
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Please Consider

Thank you for reading this and we hope you visit our empire soon. Have a nice day, or night, or afternoon, or other time of day.