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Week of 11/10

A Note From Ms. Salazar

I hope you all enjoyed the time with your child last week! We had an wonderful week in 3S. We kicked off a new unit in writing, became perimeter pros, wrote thank you letters to Veterans, and wrapped it up with our Bus Safety Drill today. I hope you will share this newsletter with your child and ask them to tell you a little more about each topic. :)


  • School Wide Reading Retreat 11/26: Students earned a school wide reading retreat as a reward for logging summer reading minutes. Please send in a blanket, pillow and/or a small stuffed animal, and some books to read! Check out the link below for more information.
  • Student Council Food Drive 11/17-11/24: Our Student Council wrapped up its UNICEF fundraiser and has moved on to a food drive. Items will be collected until 11/24. Suggested 3rd Grade item is PASTA, but please feel free to donate any non perishable items. Thank you in advance!
  • Soda Tabs Service Project: Mrs. Murphy's second grade class is collecting aluminum tabs (from soda or soup cans) to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of South Jersey.

Some important Upcoming Dates:

11/19: Salad Bar

11/19: School Community Meeting 2 PM

11/21: School Spirit Day (Wear your Lizzie Spirit Wear or School Colors)

11/26: Half Day For Students, 1230 PM Dismissal *Reading Retreat

11/27 and 11/28: School Closed, Thanksgiving Recess

12/2-12/4: Holiday Shop, Stage

12/6: Barnes and Noble Fundraiser 10 AM-2 PM-Information Below

12/10: Afternoon Conferences, 1230 PM Dismissal For Students-More Information to Follow

12/11: Evening Conferences, Regular School Day for Students

12/12: Morning Conferences, No School For Students

12/15: Evening Conferences, 1230 PM Dismissal For Students

Check out the links below for some more information about conferences and our School-Wide Reading Retreat!

Our Week!


3S's Mathematicians worked hard to master perimeter! They explored perimeter as the distance around a shape and investigated different ways to calculate perimeter. By the end of the week, our students were able to:

  1. Measure the sides of a polygon and add them together to calculate perimeter
  2. Name perimeter using appropriate units
  3. Calculate perimeter of rectilinear figures by counting the units around the shape
  4. Use what they know about the properties of polygons to figure out missing lengths
  5. Calculate a missing length when given a perimeter
  6. Figure out all the possible quadrangles that fit a given perimeter
  7. Measure lines to the nearest quarter inch

Next week we will investigate area!

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Reading Workshop-Sequencing Events

Our Rockin' Readers learned the art of sequencing the events in their reading. They understood that strong readers understand the order in which events occur in their stories. They practiced using a flow chart document the sequence of events. They also practiced inferring events using the clues in the text.

Our RW activities will extend into next week, as we start a new 6 day cycle for our workshop. This will allow us to practice more written responses to our reading. Students will begin to respond to their reading using a SLAM written response format. Look for more in next week's newsletter!

3S Experts-Informational Writing

We kicked off our new Writing Unit this week! Our writers began by listing topics in which they considered themselves experts. Then, they picked the topic in which they felt most passionate and knowledgeable. Next, we discussed how writing about a topic is very similar to teaching about it. Students started getting their ideas together by teaching their Writing Partner all about their topic. This activity was very similar to the rehearsing students did with narratives. Finally, as an opportunity to throw all of their ideas onto a page, they penned a FAST AND FURIOUS *throwaway*draft.

Third grade writers put an emphasis on organization. We stress the importance of revising our ideas before beginning to write. In this effort, students played around with different subtopics by writing many different possible Table of Contents. Next week, we will pick our favorite Table of Contents, and make sure it follows a logical sequence. This table of contents will guide the students' chapters in the informational book they will eventually publish!

Stay tuned! This unit is always a crowd pleaser! :)

Info Writing

Social Studies

After wrapping up our Map Reading skills, 3S learned all about different Land and Water forms this week. They learned how to take notes in their journals while listening to a lesson, and will use these notes to create a poster of all the different land/water forms. We will focus on:

  • lake
  • river
  • plateau
  • plains
  • ocean
  • mountain
  • valley
  • island
  • peninsula
  • desert

Next week, we will investigate some land and water forms that are found in the USA, locate them on the map, and use Google Maps to see what they look like "live"!


After learning about subjects and predicates, we are digging deeper into the elements of a sentence. This week, students learned all about verbs. They asked themselves, "What is the subject DOING or BEING?" to help them locate the verbs in many different sentences. STudents learned the difference between action verbs and verbs that describe states of being (AKA: "being" verbs). Finally, students identified the tense of the verbs in their sentences.

Ask your child to recite the 8 "being" verbs we memorized:

  • am
  • is
  • are
  • was
  • were
  • be

Bus Safety with our Buddies!

3S got the chance to see their buddies again this week! Together, they learned all about Bus Safety. Ask your child to tell you the rules that Mrs. Macconi reviewed on the bus today. They may even tell you how they got OFF the bus! *Hint: NOT down the steps :)
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Spotlight Student!

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Some Game Show Contestants!

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Thank you for taking the time to check out our newsletter! We love sharing all of our hard work with you!