Fourth Grade News

Mrs. DeGrendel, Mrs. Gates, & Mrs. Skinner

We are back from Spring Break!

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M-STEP Testing Schedule

We begin M-STEP testing this week! Remember, this is the test that is replacing the annual MEAP test we usually give each fall. We will be testing each morning, Tuesday through Thursday, each week for the next two weeks. It is very important that your child get to school on time, hopefully after having had a great night's sleep and eating a nutritious breakfast! The schedule for testing is as follows:

Tuesday, 4/28: Math

Wednesday, 4/29: Math

Thursday, 4/30: Math OR English Language Arts

Wednesday, 5/6: English Language Arts

Thursday 5/7: English Language Arts

Tuesday, 5/12: Science

Subject Area Updates


We just finished a mini "detour unit" learning about area and perimeter. As a culminating activity the students were able to measure rectangles, squares, parallelograms, and other objects around the school. We were amazed at how responsible and independent our fourth graders were working around the building.

Today students participated in a culminating math day. All three classes worked in partnerships to work through a QR Code scavenger hunt, math task cards, as well as several enrichment activities.

Thank you so much to Mr. Powers and Mrs. Burgess for volunteering to help out to make this event a success.

After MSTEP, we will resume our regular math activities with topic 14. We are focusing on different units of measurement.


In writing, we have been using the chrome books almost every day! We have been using Google Classroom to plan, draft, revise, edit and publish our work. Students are not only becoming better writers, but they are also learning to collaborate on documents with others.

We have just started our research unit that we are pairing with topic 16 in math. Students are using a chart in Google Classroom to gather data about assignment geometric terms. Eventually they will be reporting out using some type of technology to present their topic.

We have also introduced blogging to students. We have really emphasized blogging as a way of extending our learning and becoming better writers. Ask your child to login to KidBlog and show you what they have done so far!

Science/Social Studies

We are just about done with our second to last science unit of the year, electricity and magnetism! Students have loved learning about these topics because there are so many fun, hands-on learning activities to go along with them. A study guide will be coming home on Friday of this week, due back on Tuesday, May 5 with a parent signature for the test. Some great discussion points for your child to think about over the next few days are:

  • What are magnets attracted to? What needs to be in something for a magnet to be attracted to it?
  • Can magnetism go through objects? What affects this?
  • What does a switch do in an electrical circuit?
  • How do circuits work?
  • What are conductors and insulators?
  • How do you make an electromagnet weaker or stronger?

Next up, we have a very brief Social Studies unit that covers Michigan history, the Underground Railroad, and US Geography.


We are still going on our "March" Madness reading challenge! We are now working on reading books from the "Elite 8" of the bracket. Students have been very driven to read, read, read, in order to move onto voting and continuing the tournament. We are very impressed with the amount of reading your children have done over the past couple of months! Check out the bracket that is hanging in our module, as seen below.
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Learning is Fun!