Hawaii's Endangered Animals

Hawksbill Turtle


- listed endangered on July 28, 1997.
- average adult is about 100 and 150 pounds.
- They have two claws on each flipper that help them eat.
- The main reason that the hawksbill turtle is hunted is because of their patterned shells.
- The length of their shell is about 25 and 35 long. (NOAA)


- lives in the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.
- they live in shallow water
- they live by tropical coral reefs in the ocean. (Ark)

Food Chain

- The hawksbill turtle live by the coral reefs
- main diet is sponges
- meat is poison to humans.
- omnivores. (Ark)


- hooked beak and claws on their flippers.
- The shape of their mouth allows it to reach into holes to find sponges.
- The female turtles migrate and go back to where they born to lay eggs. (NOAA)

Critical Information and Endangered Reasons

- became endangered due to the higher population of people.
A lot of things are being done to help the turtles though:
- First, public outreach and education.
- Next, the Protected Resources Division has responsibility to implement the Endangered Species Act.
- Lastly, they partner with the state, local government and other entities to successfully manage endangered species and provide funding for research and conservation. (Ark)

Save the Hawksbill Turtles!

Hawksbill Turtle