Touching Spirit Bear

By Ben Mikaelson


Garvey is Cole's patrol officer that helps Cole into the Circle Justice program. Edwin is a Tlingit tribe elder that is very wise. Peter Driscal was one of Cole's victims he was brutally beaten by him. Cole Matthews is a bully and a fight fueled by hatred and rage but after spending time on an island off the cost of Alaska he changed.


1. Circle the circle symbolizes life and death.

2. The Pond, symbolizes rebirth.

3. Ancestor Rock, symbolizes forgetting anger.

4. The Totem Pole, symbolizes things Cole has been through.

5. Dancing symbolizes the animals actions and behavior.

I Am Poem

I Am Edwin Garvey

I am wise and mysterious

I wonder if Cole change
I hear the sound of wolves howling

I see fire

I want chocolate

I am Edwin Garvey

I pretend I can fly

I feel sorrow

I touch water

I worry that Cole will never change

I cry because people abuse puppies

I am Edwin Garvey

I understand the ways the Tlingit Indian Tribe

I say Cole should not have to go to jail

I dream Cole's Father will stop beating him

I try to help people see the bright side of life

I hope Cole will change

I am Edwin Garvey