Ms. Aimee and Ms. Kelly's Class

Welcome to our Fabulous 2's class

A look back at what we did this week!

We talked about the letter X and did our letter X craft. We made our handprint flower pots and talked about how special our mommy's are to us. We talked about all the incredible things our mommy's do for us. We missed you Ben and Ellie. Hope you both had a great trip. It was great seeing you at the Mother's Day Tea. We hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day! Thank you God for the blessing of being a Mother!

A look into next week

We will be learning about the letter Y this week and the number 10. We will be reading books about the rainforest and do a snake handprint craft. We will go on an animal hunt and dance like a snake with ribbons. Our bible story is Elijah fed by Ravens. We only have 3 more weeks together :(. This year has flown by. Happy Mother's Day to all of you!