The Life Cycle of a Star


The Timeline

A star is like a person, you have all the stages. Starting with the fetus(Protostar), and ending with the old man(White dwarf).

Interstellar medium

The stage before a star. Made of gas, dust, magnetic fields, and charged particles. Its actually just space.

The Protostar

The protostar is the star's version of the fetus. The protostar is trying to reach equilibrium, and become a star. If a protostar fails, it becomes a brown dwarf, and will never be a beautiful star.

The main sequence

The star

The star has now achieved equilibrium. It now is fusing 2 hydrogen atoms into helium. Is going under nuclear fusion. At the end of Main sequence the star has running out of hydrogen.

Red Giant

The Red Giant is the phase in which there is no more hydrogen and helium is fusing into carbon. It is getting larger.

White dwarf

This is the final stage of the star, and carbon fuses into oxygen.

Neutron star

Smallest star and happens after a supernova.


A massive explosion when the star dies.

black hole