The Sea of Monsters

By: Rick Riordan {279 pages}

"Enter the world of a half-blood and his fascinating adventures"


The Sea of Monsters is the second book of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The authors point of view is to grab the readers with action filled scenes and with an ending that will leave you wanting to read more. Percy Jackson is a half-mortal, half-immortal meaning he exists in two worlds. In this book the half-blood camp he goes to is in danger because the tree that protects the camp has been poisoned and his best friend Grover is being held captive by a cyclops. He decides to go on a quest to " The Sea of Monsters" with his friend Annabeth, Clarisse, and his Brother Tyson (he had no clue about) to find the golden fleece that will cure the tree and to save his friend Grover. Along the way they encounter monsters, traps, and their worst enemy, Luke. Although They went through a lot of trouble they successfully brought back the fleece and Grover to the camp but the next day they discover the fleece did something so shocking nobody knew what to do...


I think the theme is teaching you not to give up on family because when Percy first found out about Tyson he didn't really like him but throughout the story Percy realizes that Tyson saved him from dangerous things and maybe his dad had sent Tyson for a reason. Also Tyson was there to support him through the whole story even though Percy didn't.

I am very much like this because no matter how mad my brother may make me i know that i would never give up on him. He would never do that either, and the same goes for my parents. That is how family works because we can not give up on each other. When i get into fights with my brother we always apologize at the end. That is how i connect myself to the book.