Lee Gets His Own Statue

Finnaly his acts are reconized

Lee's Statue

Lee's statue was finnaly finished on April 14th, 2014. The statue was constructed in Appomatox Court, Virginia. Why here out of all places? it was placed here, because he surrendered in the Civil War. People must pay a fee of $100 to see this golden constructed statue. All proceeds go to Christian Turner, the best person ever!

Lee's Past

Wondering why one of the head generals of the Confederate army deserves a statue? here's why:

. He was a very startegic general, he led his troops to many victories

. He was a very brave general, he took many risks and many paid off

. He was also a very honest man, he took full blame for the Confederate's loss, after all he caused it by taking too many risks

For these reasons, he was considered good enough to have his own statue.