Trailblazer Express

September 6, 2020

Important Dates

Monday, September 7th - Labor Day (School holiday for students and staff)

Tuesday, September 8th - First Day on Campus for Students choosing to attend Face-to-Face

Wednesday, September 9th - 3 Week Progress Reports available via Skyward Family Access/Hard Copies distributed for F2F/Curbside Pick-up for VI

Message from Mrs. Cain

Howdy Trailblazers-

Tuesday, September 8th, we will welcome our Face-to-Face (F2F) students back to campus.

That means we will be running F2F and Virtual Instruction (VI) simultaneously; all classes will be mixed with some students at school and some at home all doing the same things. It's going to be interesting. True trailblazing!

The new procedures we will be using at school to ensure all students and staff members remain safe are included below for your review. Teachers will be going into more detail with all students on Tuesday. Both F2F and VI students will discuss campus COVID procedural changes in case VI students are considering a change.

Trailblazers, continue to work hard in your classes each and every day. That's the recipe for success!

Stay safe and stay well,

Mrs. Cain

Click on picture below to access F2F procedures

Click on Picture for the ABC Procedures for Returning Students

School Dress Code and School Supplies Information

No major changes to student dress code for the 2020—2021 school year for those opting for Face-to-Face learning.

When at school, students must provide their own masks/facial shields to be worn at all times on school buses and while on campus (except when eating).

* Masks/shields must not have writing on them (words or letters)

or anything viewed as lewd, offensive, vulgar or representing

tobacco/alcohol/drugs. School/district logos are okay.

All students participating in online video conferencing should be dressed appropriately at all times.

All Tegeler students, whether opting for Face-to-Face (F2F) or Virtual Instruction (VI), will need pens, pencils, notebook paper and spirals to take and keep notes in. Teachers will share any additional supply needs as part of their course outlines and expectations.

Check out Pasadena ISD Facebook Page for More F2F Information

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Bell Schedule for Face-to-Face and Virtual Instruction

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List of Teachers and Either Google Classroom or Schoology

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