Legal Aid

The role of Legal Aid

Legal Aid NSW provides legal services socially and economically disadvantaged people in most areas of criminal, family and civil law.

What Legal Advice they offer and some areas of law they don't advise on

A lawyer will give you one-off free legal advice and tell you whether you may be eligible for further assistance or a grant of legal aid for a lawyer to represent you in your case. They can't advise on Business matters, commercial investment matters, Conveyancing etc.

Who is eligible for Legal Aid?

Anyone is eligible for Legal Aid.

An example of a success story

We made a successful application to the Full Court of the Family Court to start a property and spousal maintenance case that was 13 years out of time.

Our client and her husband had divorced after 20 years of marriage. They had three teenage children. At the time of their divorce the wife was unwell, and they had no major assets. She moved out and continued to struggle with health problems.

Six years later the husband won a very large amount of money and bought a unit for her to live in. Eight years later he told her to leave and threatened to take her to court.

The future looked bleak for our client who could not afford a lawyer and faced losing her home. However, we presented strong evidence showing hardship and reasons for the delay.

The case was successful and our client now has the chance to make a claim and keep her home.