Kindergarten Happenings

What happened in October?

Halloween is quickly approaching

Please see below for the sign up genius link for our Halloween party to sign up for something if you'd like to and have not already done so.

Fire Truck Visit

Every October we have Fire Safety Week. The firefighters from Lower Providence Fire Company came. They shared fire safety tips, we saw a firefighter is full gear and our favorite part.....we got to see the firetruck!

Did you know not all fire trucks are red? The one we saw was green and white. The fire company can pick the colors for their truck!

We completed the day by completing a firetruck directed drawing! I love how they all turn out different, yet still look similar! We will do many different directed drawings throughout the year.

Big image
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Earth Science

We observed and identified different types of materials that Earth's surface is composed of.
We labeled and colored a "Landform Dinosaur" to show the different kinds of landforms.
After discussion on landforms, we created our own mountains, valley and plain using modeling clay.
We made a gesture for each landform to help us remember what it looked like.
We hypothesized what we thought would happen to the button on top of the sand mountain. children took turns pouring water in different areas to see how it would effect the button.


I think the button will sink.

I think the button will float.

I think the button will slide off the sand.

I think the water will move the button.


The sand fell.

It was like quick sand.

It sunk and kind of moved.

Where is the Pumpkin?

We've been talking about positional words in math. We read a book about an apple being next to a tree, above the tree, etc. We got the idea to write our own book. We titled it "Where is the Pumpkin?"

Everyone decided where they wanted their pumpkin to be in relation to the scarecrow. We will make it into a book that will stay in the class library. Everyone also got a copy of their own to bring home. Check out the video below to see each child reading their page.

Digging into Stations

We've really been digging into our stations. In addition to the stations below, iPads are also a station each time.


Star Letter Order- pull a letter from the bucket, write in the star and then write the next 3 letters.

Write the Room- locate the card around the room that matches your paper, and write which letter was the capital.

Letter Sorting Mat- sort letters that are in your name, or by capital/lowercase.

Star Linking Order- uses links, place the letters in order.


Count the Room- locate the card around the room that matches your paper and count the objects.

Count & Color School Supplies- looking at the mat, students count the objects and write the number on the recording sheet.

Play-Doh Number Mats- using play-doh students will make each number and then fill in the ten frame to "make" the number.

Counting on Your Friends- pick a number from the bucket, write the number in the apple and then write the next three numbers.

Star of the Week

We are really enjoying getting to know each of our friends a little better. Each student looks forward to their week and sharing what makes them special!

Mystery Reader!

We love mystery readers! Anyone can be a mystery reader, even Mrs. Paulhamus' mom! There are still spots for later in the year available. I'll include the link below. Let me know if you have any problems signing up.

Math Journals

Math journals are something we use in Kindergarten to get students thinking about math in a different way. We read the prompt together and discuss how we could solve the problem or draw to show our answer.

In case you missed it!

Check out the link to our Monarch butterfly smore!

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