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Galway is by far my favorite story of them all, because it is about a cat and I LOVE KITTIES. I thought it was a funny story because Dave tried to toilet train Galway because he saw a video of a cat on a toilet. I also thought it was funny when Brenda was being chased by her brother with scissors, she made end up stuck in a tree like a cat and left him there for a while.
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One theme I thought of is to let things happen naturally. Dave tried to force Galway to go "potty" like a human. Galway ended up flying into another room from the toilet because he got to confident. Something else to remember, don't chase people with scissors, you might end up in a tree.
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Dave's sister Annie gave them Galway because she had to leave the city for a very long time. Dave wanted to toilet train Galway, but it didn't go well. Galway got too comfortable so he and Aurther went into a bathroom to flush the toilet numerous times. Once Galway got Aurthers approval, he flushed, then got stuck in the toilet, Dave tried to get him out and he ended up in Sam's room. Then Brenda (Dave's cousin) is talked about. She is definitely a Tom boy, she does stuff that most girls can't do. Once as a kid she was chased by one of her brothers who threatened to cut her hair off. He then ended up in a tree and was there for a long, long time.
F5 Savannah Cat "Bandit" Using the Toilet!


Galway-He got his name from the author Galway Galway is a grey cat that was toilet trained by Dave because he saw a video of a cat that learned how to go the human way. Galway is my favorite of all the characters in the Vinyl Café because I love cats.

Dave-Dave is very clumsy and can act pretty dumb sometimes and he has his moments... like in the story when he wants to toilet train Galway, it works at first, but he makes Galway get too excited so Galway gets stuck, then goes flying.

Brenda-Brenda as a kid used to do things that other girls couldn't do because she grew up with a bunch of boys. Once she was being chased by her brother and he was threatening to cut all her hair off, he then got stuck in a tree as if he was a cat.