Lewis and Clark

Westward Expansion


" After two years, four months, and ten days the Corps of Discovery returned triumphantly to St.Louis". This sentence marks the amount of time and teh day the Corps of Discovery returned back to St.Louis. " The following winter Lewis was appointed governor of the Louisiana territory". This sentence is very important because they found Meriwether Lewis as a good leader were he could be governor of half the country.

Time and Winter


" The roots of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were already lengthy by the time of the Louisiana Purchase in april, 1803". This sentence is important because it shows how long it took them to complete that 8000 mile journey. "The end of the winter at Fort Mandan marked an important stage in the expedition". This sentence is important because they reached the most dangerous and difficult part of the journey, surviving the winter.


" In 1803 Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's Corps of Discovery to find a water route to the Pacific and explore the uncharted west". This is important information because it was when the 2nd half of our country first started being explored." When the indians became threatning, the expedition prepared to meet force with force". Lewis and Clark were not scared of the indians so when they became threatning they decided to fight fire with fire.


" Two types of navigation were used, celestial navigation and a process called dead reckoning". These two ways helped them know their location in the country." Returning from the expedition, both Lewis and Clark served as governors". This is important because is shows their good leadership skills to be the governor of a state.

Important People

Conclusion of Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark were both very good leaders and had a lot of talents that were needed in this expedition and I believe that is why President Thomas Jefferson decided on them to lead the expedition.