Alqa's Birthday Fun

Time to just relax and enjoy

Its finally time, to step back and finally do something relaxing before things get hectic again!!

Hi Friend

I have a fun day planned for you! Full of relaxation! Kind of like an "All Inclusive" mini vacation in the middle of the city. EEEEEE...I hope everything turns out nice!

Alqa's Birthday

Saturday, July 13th, 2pm

All Over Town


1:45 Pick Alikkka
2:30 Time to relax and look glowing
3:30 Travel to next location
4:00 Check in and a Royal location
4:30 Get ready for the night, and relax
5:45 Leave for secret, sneaky dinner
6:15 Arrive and check-in
6:30 Dinner
9:00 Return to the Royal, night cap

Brought to you by your local relaxation master mind

I have to confess. I have never been to any of these locations....sooo im super nervous...and hoping that things work out! Here's to hoping!!!