An Inside Look of Trader Joe's

Employee Newsletter

Employee of the Month

"I have two favorite part about working at Trader Joe's. My making customer's days wether it be by helping thrm find certain products or if they're having a bad day, giving them a bouquet of flowers to brighten their day. I really love being able to do that, but I also really like the physical aspect of the job. I really like being able to come in at six a.m. and break down pallets and get to see all this work get depleted because of us working together as a team." - Chelsea Lucas, store manager.

Our Story

Everything started fifty-eight years ago, when we were just a small convenience store called, "Pronto Markets." Nine years later, in the year of 1967, our founder, Joe Coulombe, created the new name, "Trader Joe's." This name originally came from the idea that we would make our own products then trade them with other stores to get more of a broad variety of products. After that, we expanded our store and became more than just a nice little convenience store around the corner. Be bought our Hawaiim shirts to make it a happier place to shop and we started offering good quality, creative, and healthy products at low, fair prices. Our soul purpose was always to have our customers leave with a smile on their faces and with knowledge of the ingredients in the foods they just bought. And we lived up to that goal. Ever since then, Trader Joe's has been selling great quality, inexpensive foods, along with great service and friendly employees.

Trader Joe's Employee Emergency Contact

We only sell all natural and organic foods. This is one of the most important parts of this store, if you have any questions, please call or email your boss. Thank you for being with us and making sure our customers always leave the store with a smile on their faces and with knowledge of the ingredients in their foods.

Trader Joes Buiness Events

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 1:30pm

23501 Cinco Ranch Boulevard

Katy, TX

At this event at this location it is important that all ages can enjoy our events and stores. Here we will have a dog show and advertising our best, all natural and organic dog foods. We will have food tasting stations so they can get a taste of what food without artificial preservatives tastes like. Please, all employees make sure our customers know that if this events isn't right for them, we will host many others to bring us all together and let us all see the fun in shopping at Trader Joe's.

Location Issues

As all our employees here at Trader Joe's know, our Houston location is struggling. It could be becuase Houston is such a busy city and there's so many chains, but this location has the lowest profit coming in. We don't like to interrupt our customers when they're watching their favorite show on TV, so we don't have lots of commercials on TV to get our name out in that way. We like to talk to our customers and get to know them. Lately we have all been talking about organizing events to bring all our happy customers together and getting them to know what we do here.

These events could include hosting a dog show and promoting our all natural dog foods. Here at Trader Joe's we don't only sell all natural and organic foods for humans, but also for their pets and we want them to know that.

Not only do we have a dog show planned, but also we could host a wine tasting event to show off our fabulous recipes. This could get our new customers that always go other places to buy good tasting wines to now come here to us and get a taste of our great flavor.

To conclude, our Houston location is barely getting by but we won't give up! We want all our locations to be doing just as well as each other so we have to get our name out more and let people know that yes, this is the same healthy, all natural food market downtown. We will host multiple events to bring us all together and show our amazing customers that even though we need this location to do better, we're not just about profit, but about making sure that your visit is as good as it can be, no matter which Trader Joe's you go to.

Fitness Deal #1

Our customers live a healthy and happy life and we want you to as well. Instead of posting health requirements and insurance costs, our stores offer gym memberships. This fitness deal offers membership to LA Fitness.

Fitness Deal #2

Our store offers gym memberships along with other benefits to encourage you to be fit physically and mentally. This fitness deal offers membership with Anytime Fitness. We hope you can enjoy Trader Joe's and stay healthy along the way with this deal.

Encourage Our Customers to Purchase Our Most Loved Items So They Keep Coming Back!


Your most important role is to you and the crew to deliver a "Wow" customer experience. We want all our shoppers to have a sun experience here at Trader Joe's and for them to leave feeling like the employees really cared about their trip and health. You have to share knowledge about the product, show enthusiasm, answer questions, and offer suggestions for their diets.