Isis Wilburn

Desert food web

Desert food web

There are a lot of different types of animals and plants in the desert.This food web starts at the bottom with producers some producers are prickly pear,sagebrush etc.The next row is primary consumers which include woodrats,bighorn sheep etc.Next to last row is the secondary consumer and that includes desert rats.The last row on the food web is tertiary consumer that has the animals such as coyotes and moiave rattlesnakes.

3 organisms

the first organism is a prickly pear cactus it is a producer it helps the woodrat which is a primary consumer the primary consumer gives its energy to a tertiary consumer which is a mojave rattlesnake.

Humans impacting the environment

Sometimes humans can impact a environment in good ways and bad.Some bad ways humans are impacting the desert environment is when someone is riding a bike they can run over the plants that the animals need to survive.Some good ways a human can impact the desert is dig artificial grooves in the ground to catch any rainfall and trap wind blown seeds.Those were a few of the good and bad we can do for the desert.