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Ichthyosis a skin disease that causes moderate to severe scaling and dryness of the skin. Ichthyosis is most common and most severe in infants and it is mostly a genetic disorder it will effect the victim throughout thier lifetime. It can also be obtained non genetically for example after a kidney disease. There are many different forms of ichthyosis each one varying in intensity.


Ichthyosis is a hereditary disorder passed down through the X chromosome making it an X linked disease. Both males and females have an equal chance of getting the disease but the mother is always the one to pass it on to her children. Ichthyosis is not particular to one race or geographic area.


Itchy skin

Extremely dry skin

Thickend skin

Brown, white,gray flakes covering the surface of the skin

Treatment / Prevention

There is no cure or way of preventing ichthyosis but it can be detected within the womb using ultra sounds and preparations can be made for the birth of the baby.

Ichthyosis is normally treated with moisturizing creams and oils, sunlight will worsen ichthyosis in most cases but can sometimes help.


A person with Ichthyosis has it in there genes and will deal with it for the rest of thier lives continuing to have dry scale like skin, they will apply moisturizer many times a day

Types of Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis vulgaris

Ichthyosis vulgaris is the most common and mildest type of ichthyosis and is usually diagnosed at birth but can be later when the person notices strange scales on the skin they doctors ask about your family history and preform a biopsy on your skin to diagnose ichthyosis.

The symptoms of Ichthyosis are simply itching and scale like skin with intense dryness. There is currently no cure but it can be treated with moisturizing creams and oils.

Ichthyosis fetalis

Ichthyosis fetalis also known as harelquin ichthyosis is a rare genetic disorder found in 1 of 500,000 infants where the dermis is about 10 thicker than normal it is also the most severe form of ichthyosis, this can effect breathing and disrupt facial features. The baby must be taken to ICU immediately as it is very prone to infection due to its cracked and dry lizard like skin. After weeks the outer layers of skin will eventually peel off but it will usually scar the victim for the rest of its life.


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