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Parenting in a digital world.

The national media has been active this week drawing attention to an internet challenge known as "The Momo Challenge". Often when items like this receive news coverage, we also find it circulating on social media in hope that awareness will help keep kids safe. Maintaining kids' safety is complicated. Social media and news coverage can sometimes cause students to be fearful, anxious or curious. It can also inspire imitators.

Although students in grades K-8 are filtered from social media through school networks or on school-provided devices, we encourage families who are concerned about your kids being exposed to disturbing items on social media, to have conversations with them. Use some of the resources below to find reassurance in determining if an alarming news or social media item is a hoax or not and how you want to address potentially disturbing content with your child.

The New York Times

Momo Is as Real as We’ve Made Her

The real “Momo Challenge” is the terror of parenting in the age of YouTube. Here’s the truth of what we know.

Digital Literacy Opportunity

Have conversations with your child about:

  • what they are doing on their device
  • what they are seeing
  • who they are talking to
  • what are they talking about