Neuro-headset Telegram

I know your ever move.

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Have you ever imagined your brain taken over by technology?

Brain Jack is a must-see movie based on the same titled book, Brain Jack, by Brian Falkner. Sam Wilson, a 17 year old hacker, can't wait to get his hands on neuro technology. He hacks into Telecomerica to order " free " neuro products until it all goes down hill. What happens when he gets caught? Will he find his love in the middle of his work? Is he being watched or followed? Watch the movie to find out what happens next. Pay attention to who is watching you. Do you control yourself or has technology taken over?
" It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded humanity " ~ Albert Einstein
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The First Lady's Neuro Law

Recently, The First Lady, Michelle Obama, has reportedly passed a new law, the Neuro Law. The new law states that a person, who is thirty years of age, are required to purchase a Neuro headset. If someone can't afford a neuro headset, the price will be reduced 70%. She believes that if people use these neuro products, life would be entirely easier. Michelle was wrong. Turns out, if a person wears the neuroheadset, they will become half neuro, half human and try to destroy the U.S. Stay up-to-date with channel 21 to find out more.