BCMS Staff and Faculty News

October 17


"When our children walk in the door, I say: Welcome to success and say goodbye to failure because you are not going to fail. I’m not going to let you fail. You are here to win, you were born to win, and if I have to care more about you than you care about you, then that’s the way it will be.”

-Marva Collins

It is not about talent...It is about effort

-Eric Thompson

Employee of the Month- September 2016

Please help me congratulate Gayla Davidson as the teacher of the month for September!!

Progress Report/Report Card Overview

It is imperative that you get grades in in a timely manner. Remember, per board policy, students are able to make up any major test that they failed. This need to be allowed and completed before the end of the marking period.

Break Through Coach

Faculty and Staff:

The Administrative Staff at BCMS is committed to educating and empowering every student to excel academically and socially. In order for this to come to fruition, we are committed to having district administrators in classroom. I am committing 2-3 FULL days per week to be in classrooms to improve teaching and learning. In particular, my office days for meetings, paperwork, etc., will be Monday and Friday of each week ( Some weeks will change)

As a result of being in class so often, we may not always be immediately available to you; however your communication important to us. If you need to discuss to matters with me, please contact the , Secretary- norma.espinoza@chisd.net . She will find the appropriate time for us to talk or will direct you to the correct department/administrator.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Bessie Coleman Middle School. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. The implementation of these practices will enhance our ability to strengthen student learning and support the teacher directly in the classroom.

Walk Through Focus of the Week ( October 17)

Administrators Choice!

Science Collaborative Team Walk -Through ( Thursday, October 20)

Learning walks with the administrative staff during your conference time.

Staff Shout -Outs

Thanks to all who have took it upon themselves to start tutoring. Your extra effort does not go unnoticed.

A major shout out to all of the staff that have been supporting your students at games and other activities.

Good Job and preparing your students for the unit assessments. We are performingE and improving each day. Remember, the scores in April and May are the money makers!

Attendance Incentive

2nd-period classes that meet an average of 97% attendance each 3 weeks will receive a certificate on your door.

2nd period classes with the highest 3 weeks attendance per grade level will have a banner hung next to your door!

Classes with the highest 9 weeks attendance will have a 9 week banner hung next to your door and your 2nd period class will have free dress for a week.

More details to follow.....


Please do not park in the visitor park spaces, cafeteria area, or the employee of the month space (Unless you are the employee of the month). We have plenty of parking available for staff around the building.


  • Please adjust your time device to mirror the bells in the building ( The accurate time is in the main office on the intercom phone).
  • Lesson Plans are due Every Monday for the Following week. Every teacher should have 2 weeks worth of plans in the system ( No Exception)
  • Morning Duty- Please be signed in and at your duty station by 7:00 AM. You are to be actively monitor and be checking for compliance issues ( ID's/Dress code/etc)
  • Afternoon Duty-Be vigilant and active with students.....Get them out of the building as quick as possible
  • When you are going to be out please make sure that your responsibilities are covered: ARD, Duty, Tutorials, ETC....
  • In the event that you are out for sickness, etc...Make sure to communicate that to me via text and to Mrs. Nealy. You are responsible for submitting your absence in AESOP in a timely manner.
  • Grades should be updated Weekly....Do not get behind...

Employees Dress Code

If a staff member fails to adhere to the standard of dress, they may be sent home and charged with a personal leave.

Unacceptable attire for females
  • Articles of clothing that are ripped, torn or transparent, or that contain holes that expose undergarments and/or skin.
  • Low-cut blouses, tops or sweaters with plunging neck-lines. The display of cleavage is unacceptable.
  • Shirts, blouses or dresses that do not cover the back, waist or midriff. This includes, but is not limited to, crop tops, tube tops, halters and spaghetti straps less than two inches in width.
  • Strapless dresses and tops without jackets.
  • Shirts, blouses and dresses that have excessive cut outs revealing undergarments.
  • Pant type clothing that do not reach below the knee such as skorts and capris. Capris must be midcalf or below.
  • Shorts, cut-offs, blue jeans, sweat pants or wind pants.*
  • Sleeveless T-shirts and /or T-shirts that display vulgarities, obscenities, offensive or suggestive prints regarding drugs, alcohol or sex.
  • Clothing that is excessively tight fitting.
  • Beach shoes, flip-flops, Crocs or slippers (typically flip-flops is footwear in which there is a band between the big toe and the other toes).
  • Head coverings worn indoors except for religious reasons.
  • Denim wear

Unacceptable attire for males
  • Articles of clothing that are ripped, torn, transparent or that contain holes to expose undergarments and/or skin.
  • Shorts, cut-offs, blue jeans, sweat pants or wind pants.*
  • Sagging pants.
  • Collar shirts
  • Sleeveless T-shirts and /or T-shirts that display vulgarities, obscenities, offensive or suggestive prints regarding drugs, alcohol or sex.
  • Beach shoes, flip-flops, Crocs or slippers.
  • Head coverings worn indoor except for religious reasons.
  • Denim wear.

Parent Contact, Week at a Glance, Submitting PD

Please return all calls and emails to parents within 24 hours. If a parents CC's an administrator on the email, please reply to all.

Week at a Glance/Calendar needs to be updated weekly, preferably at the same time you complete lesson plans.

When you submit a request for PD, you will have 48 hours to attach the appropriate documentation ( Certificate, etc.) before it will be deleted....

Important Dates and Deadlines

October 21- AP's Coffee with parents

October 21- Parent Drop in Day

October 21- 1st Dance of the Year ( 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM )

---Want Leadership Hours?

November 4-Staff Development

November 21-November 25 ( Thanksgiving Break)

Do not schedule conferences, doctor appointments, etc...on the aforementioned days at the specific time....