By: Ava McKee 8J

Are bunnies/rabbits house pets? Are they good with kids

Yes bunnies/rabbits are great house pets they can live in your house or if you would not like them to in your house an outside cage/hutch might be okay. Your bunny cannot get cold and there has to be lots of hay and tons of room. Bunnies are great with small and young children but it is highly recommended that adults or an older person watch's the child with the bunny. To make sure you have a great family bunny you should get a bunny from a shelter or breeder pet stores are not recommended for many reasons. Make sure you spend time with the bunny to get to know her or his personality. Most nicer bunnies are fixed and that also is recommended, so the bunny will have a calmer and nicer nature.

How to hold/pick up a bunny

You should start by petting the bunny to let him or her know you're there otherwise the bunny might freak out and squirm with fright. After letting your bunny know you're there start by the stomach and carefully but firmly start to pick the bunny up. After getting to bunny close enough to your chest make sure you take the back legs and stomach and hold the bunny, if you do not hold the legs the bunny may feel like he or she is going to fall or a cat is holding it. (Cats don't hold their back legs) That may cause the bunny to kick its back legs to get free. Instead of holding a bunny you may just want to put your bunny on your lap and just pet your bunny like that. For more information click http://youtu.be/tIXdvtNwAPk

Bunnies diet

A bunnies diet mostly consists of hay, bunnies need hay to digest their food. Hay should be available to bunnies 24/7 along with water. Pellets are the bunnies breakfast and dinner some people give a certain amount of food to a bunny ex. 1 cup a day. So that person may get 0.5 a cup in the morning and then the rest at night. You should not keep food open to bunnies 24/7 because some may over eat and get really over weight which is not healthy, but other bunnies do not over eat and only snack when they start getting hungry. But you should not leave food out just in case. Treats are good for bunnies but you should only give 1/4 of a cup a day. But you can only give your bunny certain foods you have to make sure your bunnies stomach can handle what you give them.

What foods are okay to feed bunnies.

Here is a list of good food

* Parsley

* Apple (without seeds etc)

* Carrots

* Basil

* Kale

* Mint

* Celery

* Plum (without pit)

* Peach

* Kiwi

* Pear

* Banana

For more foods visit

What to Feed Your Rabbit | House Rabbit Society


Bunnies are very social and love other bunnies after bonded with them. To bind to bunnies may be hard or easy it depends on age, gender and if they are spayed or neutered. It is very easy to bond two bunnies if they are both young and fixed, it gets harder when they get older. It is not recommended to get try to bond an older bunny with a younger bunny but it is possible. You have to watch the older bunny with the younger because the older bunny might hurt the younger bunny for territorial reasons. If you spend lots of time with your bunny your bunny will not need company of another bunny but if you leave for work/ or school for the morning and do not come back until late afternoon you should consider getting another bunny. But if you can find more than an hour a day your bunny should be okay but it doesn't hurt to get your bunny a friend.