Classroom Management

By: John Doyle

Behavior Chart

How did the teacher incorporate this into the classroom?

Classroom Management is important for a teacher to successfully complete his or her goals. A useful tool for a teacher to utilize in helping with this would be a behavior chart. The teacher can list the students names and place check marks next to a child who is misbehaving. After a student has reached the maximum amount of strikes he or she will be given the appropriate consequence for his or her actions.

How might you incorporate this into your classroom?

Clearly list all students names onto your Behavior chart along with possible consequences for not following rules and misbehavior. Enforce fair punishments

What theory is this item based on?

The Social Learning Theory (developed by Albert Bandura) states that students do not just react to their environment; they also self-organize, self-reflect, and self-regulate. Students model their behavior after what they see.

How does this support development?

Creating a behavior chart for classroom management will help you support the social learning theory among others. Also it would show students what right from wrong is through the modeling of correct behavior from peers.

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