Minnesota, Here We Come

By: Matthew Bolton

Why Should YOU Come?

Land For Next To Nothing

Think of this... You are standing on new land, upon a vast golden prairie with rolling hills, and fertile land. That could all be yours. If you emmigrate to Minnesota, where land is plentiful, and costs next to nothing, you will have an easier life, and much more power. Just read what settler Friedrich Shmitz has to say:

"...even if he has nothing, can get along better than a man in our village in Germany who has a property worth $1000...

Life is Easy

Multiple settlers claim that life is much easier compared to Europe (or anywhere else) in Minnesota, and life is quite significantly better. Read what Guri Sanders-Datter has to say:

...I can say truthfully that I do not regret the our coming here, especially when I think of the heavy burdens we escaped from...

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A land where fever is nearly unheard of, and there are no banks!

According to the "Minnesota! Cure For The Panic" advertisement, this is a place without fever, or banks. See what it has to say:

Where no banks exist; a suspension is unknown. Land and water of best kind. No ague or fever there. CLAIMS can be made by rich and poor.

Need transport? No problem!

Transportation and accessibility are no problem. Steamboats, oxcarts, and horses are all ways to come in and out of Minnesota. To go along with this, a train can take you from the east coast to Galena, Illinois and you can take a steamboat from there. Oxcarts and horses serve well in winter.
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