Early Colonies

By Olivia Martinez

The New England Colonie

First off, the land of the Pilgrims and Puritan's was flat and the land had lots of forest. They also had thin, rocky soil. They're climate was the coldest out of all of the colonies. If you were in these times in order to make a living you would have to know how to farm, be a merchant , cut timber, build, fish or hunt, you would also have to know about the government, how to priest, and finally how to be a Puritan leader. Also you can sell goods such as weaponry, fish and whale, or even timber. They are a lot of natural resources also but, I am only going to tell you a little majority like fish, whales and timber which is made out of trees. These people were Christian and they believed in freedom. They also believed in trading goods with local natives and Puritans or Pilgrims.
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The Middle Colony

In this very colony the land is very wavy/ lumpy and has hills, and their soil is rich. Also if your looking into making a living there are some like farming, trading, being a proprietor and a Quaker. The goods you can trade are wheat. This colony has iron and wheat as a naturally grown products. They also believed in freedom but had no main religion. If you like this colony move to Roanoke and Jamestown.
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The Southern Colony

The land and climate of New Netherlands is flat and is the warmest of all colony. It also has rich soil and Jamestown and Roanoke is along the coast near the Atlantic Ocean. And their jobs that you can achieve and make a living are Farming on Plantations, which means a large farm or estate. And this colony makes tobacco and rice. And their natural resources are Tobacco plants and rice. This colony is catholic colony they also believe in slavery. Everyone should believe in this religion or else they will be tortured, or even killed.
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Similarities and Differences Between the 3 Colony's

First, we will start with the similarities. The first simularatie is that colony all believe in some type of religion that is related to christian. And they all trade goods with local natives and other villagers. Also they all have a large farming land and farmers.

Now, we are starting on differences. The first difference I found was that the southern colony has farming on plantations as a job. Also I found that the Middle Colony has very lumpy/wavy land which means that they might not have as many houses or farmland. And last but not least, I found that the New England colony has a lot of jobs and livings such as cuting timber, farming, being a merchant, building, fishing or hunting, the government, priest, and finally a Puritan leader,