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Mercy Killings (Euthanasia)

Mercy Killings (Euthanasia) is when someone ends someone else's life, because they think its in their best interest to stop them from pain and suffering from an incurable or terminal condition. People can also choose for someone to take their life because they don’t want to suffer, or they want to die on their own terms.


  • Everyone has a right to decide when their life should end.

  • If the quality of life has become so bad, a person may feel too much physical or emotional pain.

  • Today’s hospitals are overcrowded and have too many patients. Some argue that they should let those die that do not have a chance of living on. In that way there could be more room for patients with diseases that can be cured.


  • Doctors have a problem with euthanasia because they have sworn an oath that does not allow them to take part in the killing of people.

  • Sometimes it is not clear if an ill person really wants to die. Euthanasia should only take place if someone really wants it or if they understand how ill they are.