All About Me

Lauren Bowen

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  • 16 years of age
  • One little sister named Jordan
  • I don't have many friends, because a lot of people are fake
  • I'm very outspoken and blunt
  • I'm a nice person, unless I don't like you
  • I live with my father and was raised by my grandparents
  • I love to skate
  • I love to play basketball, was on the team last year, but decided I wasn't going anywhere with it
  • I have a lovely boyfriend
  • I have no job as of right now
  • I have my permit and will get my license in June, so watch out !
  • I'm a very nice person unless you annoy me, or I don't like you
  • I'm very funny and creative
  • I'm also very blunt and outspoken
  • I'm insane
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When Taco Bell is the only hangout place in Scottsburg, we all pile on the back of Devon's truck. He acts like he doesn't love us, but we all know he does for sure.