Place of Opportunity

Illinois Wesleyan University is a private, independent, liberal arts college in Bloomington, Illinois. Illinois Wesleyan offers students a wide range of unique opportunities designed to immerse them in the best liberal arts education possible. In addition to offering students an excellent education in liberal arts, fine arts, and nursing, Illinois Wesleyan is ranked in the top 40 institutions for study abroad opportunities, with study abroad options in seventy countries throughout the world. IWU also offers a UN semester, a semester in Washington, DC, and at the Chicago Center. IWU has strong relationships with Pembroke College in Oxford and offers classes in Barcelona and the United Kingdom.

IWU offers a unique classroom experience called May Term. Any student who has completed a full course load in either Spring or Fall Semester can enroll in a condensed, three-week course during the month of May. Students spend several hours a day in class every weekday and complete an entire semester of class credits in three weeks. May Terms immerse students into their chosen class in a short amount of time; curriculum for these courses are very flexible, with service projects, study abroad opportunities, and internships available to all May Term participants.

The IWU Ames Library is one of the best and most comprehensive in the area, containing over 368,000 volumes throughout its five floors. Some of the special collections in the Ames Library include the papers of former US Congressman Leslie C. Arends, a collection of Gernon first editions of detective fiction and mysteries, and the Schultz collection of Romantic-era British Dramas.

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL currently attends Illinois Wesleyan University, is Sports Editor and writes for the student paper, The Argus as a sports reporter. Gilbert plays for the IWU soccer team and landed on the Dean’s List his first year.